Jurisdiction - Hong Kong
Hong Kong – SFC Routine Inspection Update.

20 December, 2012


Updating the organisation chart: When the SFC conducts an onsite inspection, it will usually request a copy of the organisation chart, listing all employees and licensed persons, detailing any licences held by them and their respective positions, duties and responsibilities. It will save a lot of trouble if licensed firms keep the organisation chart updated on an ongoing basis.


Submission of financial returns online: The SFC’s e-FRR System provides a platform for licensed firms to submit financial returns online through use of an e-Certificate. The SFC usually only issues two e-Certificates to each licensed firm and typically these go to the first two ROs to be appointed. It is important to remember however that e-Certificates should not be lent to others – the only person who should use a certificate to submit returns is the person to whom the certificate was issued. It is possible for non ROs, such as a financial controller or CFO to apply for their own e-Certificate, in which case they can submit returns on their own, subject to approval by the SFC.


Type 9 FRR filing reminder: Most type 9 licensees will need to submit their next semi-annual financial returns by 21 January 2013 and should remember to include a Form 12. If you require assistance in connection with financial return submissions, please let us know.




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