Our defence lawyers are available to you during every step of the process in the criminal justice system. We represent clients from the initial investigation stage (often involving arrest, search and seizures) through to bail, charge, plea, mitigation or trial, appeal process and recovery of costs.

Often, ancillary proceedings involving restraint of assets (money in bank accounts and other property) are initiated by the Department of Justice. We have experience in advising respondents in these proceedings and in representing clients’ interests in dealings with the Prosecutions Division of the Department of Justice.


We also assist clients, many from overseas, in filing complaints with the Hong Kong authorities where they have been the victim of a crime and need to act to ensure that the matter is brought to the attention of the correct government agency.


Our key practice areas are all aspects of criminal defence from bail to bribery; careless driving to conspiracy to defraud; jay-walking to juries. We are experienced in dealing with investigations and prosecutions by almost all government agencies. Departments with whom we regularly deal are the Hong Kong Police, the Independent Commission against Corruption (“ICAC”), the Immigration Department, the Securities and Futures Commission (“SFC”), the Customs and Excise Department, the Labour Department and the Commercial Crime Bureau (“CCB”). Our teams can advise and represent you at all stages of the process, our primary aim being to resolve your situation, operating within the ambit of the law, with the most favourable result for you. MCS provides quick, effective, confidential and cost-effective advice to clients.


We listen to you. We think about your issues. We act confidentially and effectively to achieve your objectives.


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