23 March, 2015


“The ability to make it happen lives within each one of us, and tonight I want to encourage you to feel the plight of trafficked women and feel empowered to do what you can in your own way to make a difference to these women’s and girls’ lives,” said Archana Kotecha, Head of Legal at Liberty Asia, to a full house at the Choose to See…Women in Need fundraiser held on March 2, 2015 at The L. Place.


Liberty Asia is a project under Share (Asia Pacific) Limited, a non-profit charitable organization that seeks systemic change in current anti-slavery and counter trafficking activities using expertise, technology, structured collaboration, and community building to constrain the environment in which slavery thrives.


The aim of the night’s event was to ‘highlight and garner support for an invisible segment of women in today’s society – enslaved women – who leave seen and unseen traces in our everyday lives’.  With 133 guests in attendance, it was a lively reception, where attendees were treated to a hosted bar and canapés, all of which were provided by generous sponsors and donors.


Throughout the evening, guests had an opportunity to bid in both silent and live auctions, which featured donated items such as international wines, lavish gift baskets and dream holiday trips, with 100% of the night’s proceeds going to the charity.  Moreover, they had the chance to learn more about the atrocities faced by trafficked and enslaved women as well as ways to be of further support.


All too often, people feel they have to have a connection to a cause in order to support it.  However, many guests noted that while they did not have a personal connection, when they heard about the event, their hearts went out to these women, and wanted to learn more about ways they could be empowered to help combat these issues.


With slavery and human trafficking, people tend to feel far removed from the problem since they do not see it first hand, but the stark reality is that everyone is affected by it, unknowingly contributes to it, and by the same token have the power to do something about it.  In fact, “For those of you who might feel this is a remote issue that does not really impact you, let me tell you that, like me, you will have walked on rugs woven by child slaves, eaten prawns farmed by slaves in Thailand, worn affordable fashion stained with the sweat of these women and children,” stated Ms. Kotecha.


Moreover, she pointed out that, “There are so many intersections between our lifestyle and slavery in its different manifestations. The sad reality is that the global economy has brought modern day slavery into each of our homes. To make change happen we must face up to our responsibility towards these women and consider the role that we play in maintaining these women in slavery.”


There are many ways one can help combat slavery and human trafficking, a monetary donation is only one method.  In fact, simply educating one’s self on ways to lessen the impact our everyday decisions have on furthering slavery is an easy and real way to aid the cause.  To learn more about other ways to effectively and meaningfully support women in need, Liberty Asia, and future events, you need only visit their website www.libertyasia.org, which also contains educational literature for those interested in learning more about these issues.


With a worthy cause, a lovely venue and a great mix of guests from all walks of life and professions, Choose to See…Women in Need was an eye-opening, successful and eventful evening.


Tara Shah, Reporter, Conventus Law

[email protected]


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