About Conventus Law


Conventus Law is an online legal media platform with a Asia Pacific focus to provide up to date legal analysis to lawyers doing business in Asia Pacific.


At Conventus Law, we are passionate about two things. We want to help businesses investing in Asia turn legal challenges into businesses advantages and we want to make it easier for leading law firms to raise their profiles to the business and legal community.


We believe we are able to use these values to assist investors doing business in Asia. Everything we do at Conventus Law is about helping investors turn legal challenges into business advantages.


We have designed an online platform that is easy to use and provides easy access to specialist advisors. Our platform allows readers to have complete control on how they access the latest business legal analysis and advisors.


Conventus Law partners with only the very best and most respected law firms in the Asia Pacific to provide up to date legal analysis to lawyers doing business in Asia. Our readers can access Conventus Law to read white papers, view video analysis, listen to topical legal podcasts, attend in person to our roundtables and connect with the expert advisors.


Content on Conventus Law is provided by our partners and in-house reporters.


Our Methodology


  • Conventus Law individual membership and law firm partnership model;


Our membership is made up of senior in-house lawyers, senior business executives who require legal outsourcing and partners or senior associate level in law firms. There are no membership fees. Applications are accepted if the above criteria are met.


Our law firm partners are the best and most respected in their jurisdictions and practice areas. This is to ensure businesses have the very best legal connections. Partnerships are by invitation only.


  • Tailored approach.

We reject the “one size fits all” approach. We are committed to working with our partners to get the right analysis to the right people. We understand each firm is unique with different needs at any given time. We will provide a tailored made service to suit our partners.


  • We do not rank or rate firms.


We believe ranking and ratings are subjective and it may not truly reflect the firms’ capabilities. All law firms listed on Conventus Law are already highly respected in their practice areas and jurisdictions.


  • No banner advertising.

Our goal is to help businesses investing in Asia turning legal challenges into advantages. We want to achieve this by placing integrity before profit. We don’t believe banner advertising is a source that will help us achieve this goal. Without the distraction of banner advertising, we are able to focus working with our partners on how to deliver quality content to businesses.


  • Targeted membership.

We do not rely on a large database to do our business. Our membership is high in quality and it is subject to selection criteria. The membership consists of decision makers and partners. We do not sell contacts and do not provide any sensitive information such as contact details to third parties.


Individual Membership


Membership Benefits


  • Access to the Conventus Law referral network.
  • Full use of our In-House Knowledge Sharing Services.
  • Invitation to host and attend Conventus Law roundtables and other seminars.
  • Exclusive invitation to Conventus Law networking events.
  • Receive special privileges and/or discounts from our business services partners.
  • Full access to www.conventuslaw.com 
  • Receive 2 members’ emails per month.


Please visit our membership page to apply. https://archive.conventuslaw.com/membership-2/


Law Firm Partnership


Conventus Law is committed to partnering with the very best law firms in their jurisdictions and practice areas. We do not partner with law firms that are not considered in this space.


We understand each firm is unique with different needs at any given time. We will provide a tailored made service to suit our partners. We reject the “one size fits all” approach.


Conventus Law Partnerships are by invitation only.


Partnership services include:


  • Written Legal Analysis
  • Publishing of White Papers.
  • Video Analysis
  • Podcasting
  • Co-Publishing
  • Practice Area Channels
  • Jurisdiction Channels
  • Polls & Surveys
  • Roundtables
  • Web Seminars
  • Events Reporting
  • Law Firm Profiles


All partnerships are valid for 12 months. Partnership fees start from USD 1,000 to USD 8,000


Contact Us


If you want to find out more about us, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Conventus Publishing (Asia) Limited
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Cheung Kong Center,

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Hong Kong


Key Contacts:


Stephen Lai – Managing Director
[email protected]


Douglas Allen – Head of Business Development

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Scherzade Westwood – Reporter

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