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Alan Cockburn



Hong Kong


Alan has 16 years of legal experience in Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia and England focused primarily on Funds Management and Property Development. He was part of the initial 4 person team to establish Goodman’s operations in Hong Kong and PRC in 2005 and was responsible for the structuring and establishment of Goodman’s property investment funds in Hong Kong and PRC. Alan was also responsible for the acquisition of Goodman’s Japan business and the disposal of their Fund’s Management platform in Singapore.


What is your sector?     


Property Funds Management and Development


How many employees are in your company?   




What are your company’s main location(s) of lawyers? 


Hong Kong & Shanghai


What main law firms does your company use?


Allens Arthur Robinson, Baker & McKenzie, Woo Kwan Lee & Lo, SNR Denton


How often do you outsource legal work?




What was your biggest challenge so far as an in house legal counsel?


Sourcing good quality, timely and cost effective legal advice.


What are the biggest regulatory issues you are facing at the moment?


Keeping up to date with changes in PRC’s foreign investment regulations.


How often do you revise your external panel?


No fixed panel


What area(s) of law do you practice?


M&A, Fund Structuring, Property Development