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Ease of Starting a Business in ASEAN: World Rankings.

8 April, 2014


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Ease Of Starting A Business In ASEAN (World Ranking)1


Singapore 03
Malaysia 16
Lao PDR 85
Thailand 91
Vietnam 109
Brunei 137
Philippines 170
Indonesia 175
Cambodia 184
Myanmar 189


Time Required To Register An Enterprise (In Calendar Days)2


Singapore 2.5 Days
Malaysia 6 Days
Thailand 27.5 Days
Vietnam 34 Days
Philippines 35 Days
Indonesia 48 Days
Myanmar 72 Days
Lao PDR 92 Days
Brunei 101 Days
Cambodia 104 Days


Source: Doing Business 2014 – Starting a Business Ranking, (The Doing Business Project, © 2014 The World Bank) http://wwwdoingbusiness.org/data/expIoretopics/starting-a-business (last accessed: 11 March 2014)




(1) The Starting a Business indicator records all procedures, time, cost and paid-in minimum capital that are officially required for an entrepreneur to start up and formally operate an industrial or commercial business. These include obtaining all necessary licenses and permits and completing any required notifications, verifications or inscriptions for the company and employees with relevant authorities.


(2) The measure captures the median duration that incorporation lawyers indicate is necessary to complete a procedure with minimum follow-up with government agencies and no extra payments. A procedure is considered completed once the company has received the final incorporation document, such as the company registration certificate or tax number.


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