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Asia Pacific – Video: “The Rise And Rise Of Airline M&A In Asia”.

10 December, 2014



Leo Fattorini discusses the landscape of mergers and acquisitions in the airline industry in Asia and offers advice to airlines considering a joint venture.


Other topics covered include:


  • The attraction of joint ventures for the airline business
  • What makes airlines different from other companies when it comes to cross border mergers
  • Why domestic restrictions on foreign investors make the growth of airline companies a complex process
  • Industry examples of successful cross border alliances like OneWorld, Star Alliance and SkyTeam
  • The benefits of joint ventures for both large carriers as well as small scale, low cost carriers
  • The importance of considering brand protection and ticket licensing options
  • Why seeking competition law advice is crucial for any potential joint venture
  • The key challenges that competition law regimes present for airlines
  • Why a consumer-focussed approach is an important aspect of any potential merger strategy




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Leo Fattorini, Partner, Bird & Bird

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