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Our practice has a strong international dimension, giving clients the ability to protect their intellectual property on a regional scale. Through our network of associates, we are able to provide a coordinated strategy for intellectual property protection and enforcement in the region and beyond.

We have one of the strongest IP litigation practices in Singapore.

We also manage regional trademark and patent portfolios and anti-piracy campaigns for several major multi-nationals to ensure protection of their intellectual property in the Asian region.

Our IP team members are international in outlook and expertise with practitioners experienced in US, Europe, Australia & Asia.

The services we offer include strategies on Intellectual Property Enhancement™, intellectual property rights audits and due diligence, advice on acquisition and transfer of intellectual property rights, domestically and internationally, drafting and review of franchising, merchandising, licensing, agency and distribution agreements; and reviewing your intellectual property portfolio.

ATMD Bird & Bird offers one of the leading enforcement practices. We help clients enforce their intellectual property rights throughout Asia. The services that we offer include anti-piracy and anti-counterfeiting, managing enforcement across multiple jurisdictions, monitoring and recording breach of IP rights, early warning signs and symptoms of possible encroachment, detection & investigation procedures, negotiation and dispute resolution techniques, injunctions and Anton Pillar Orders, Licensing and transfer of intellectual property and intellectual property policy.


Notable Practitioners


Joyce Ang

Cyril Chua

Sheena Jacob

Alban Kang

Chia Ling Koh


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