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Australia – ACMA Finds Harbour Radio Pty Ltd In Breach Of Codes Of Practices.

10 October, 2013

The ACMA has found Harbour Radio Pty Ltd, the licensee of the New South Wales 2GB radio station, in breach of the Commercial Radio Australia Codes of Practice and Guidelines 2011 (Codes of Practice) in relation to three broadcasts made in June 2012.

The broadcasts were made on The Ray Hadley Morning Show, during which Mr Hadley commented that the hospitality program offering snacks and drinks to school children on visits to Parliament House would be removed following federal budget cuts. While these comments were based on a newspaper article reported in The Daily Telegraph, the Hon Wayne Swan MP, then the Treasurer, had previously released a media statement contradicting the article. The ACMA investigations found that this broadcast was in breach of Code 2.2(a) of the Codes of Practice, being that Harbour Radio Pty Ltd failed to use reasonable efforts to ensure that factual material is reasonably supportable as being accurate.

In a later broadcast, Mr Hadley made comment that the cuts to the hospitality program would not go ahead. However, the ACMA investigations continued to find Harbour Radio Pty Ltd in breach of Code 2.2(b) of the Codes of Practice, being that Harbour Radio Pty Ltd failed to correct substantial errors of fact at the earliest possible opportunity. In particular, the ACMA determined that the later broadcast did not acknowledge that the initial broadcast was incorrect.

View the ACMA’s Investigation Report here.


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