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Australia – LRC Consultation Paper Regarding Exceptions And Statutory Licences.

31 August, 2012


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On 20 August 2012, the Australian Law Reform Commission released a consultation paper on the question of whether exceptions and statutory licences in the Copyright Act 1968 were adequate and appropriate in the digital environment and whether further exceptions should be recommended. The consultation paper is the first public initiative of the inquiry announced by the Attorney-General on 29 June 2012 on current and further desirable uses of copyright material in the digital economy. 
The inquiry recognises the emerging digital economy and the need to ensure copyright law provides incentives for investment in innovation and content while also allowing appropriate access to that content so that Australia's needs in the internet age are met, both domestically and internationally. The consultation paper raises questions as to how the current copyright framework is affecting both commercial and creative enterprise and how current exceptions and statutory licences are working in the digital environment.  Closing date for submissions on the consultation paper is 16 November 2012, with the final report of the inquiry due to be delivered in November 2013.
To view the ALRC consultation paper click here.



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