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Australia – Review Of Technological Protection Measure Exceptions Made Under The Copyright Act 1968.

19 July 2012


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The Attorney-General's Department has announced that it will undertake a review of the additional exceptions to the technological protection measure provisions provided by the Copyright Act 1986 (Cth) (the "Act").
Technological Protection Measures are "locks" that copyright owners can use to prevent copyright material being copied or used without their consent, such as passwords, access codes and encryption software.  The aim of the review is to determine whether existing exceptions under the Act are still appropriate and whether any new exceptions should be added.  Only exceptions relating to bypassing, disabling or circumventing a technological protection measure will be reviewed.
The Attorney-General's Department has invited interested stakeholders to make submissions and the deadline for making submissions is 17 August 2012.  The deadline for comments in response to submissions is 5 October 2012.



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