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China – An Overview Of PRC Legislative System.

14 April, 2015


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I. Preface


On 15 March 2015, the National People’s Congress (NPC) adopted the amendment to the PRC Legislation Law, which is the first amendment since its promulgation in 2000. The PRC legislative system looks complex for foreign investors who are often confused by hierarchy of different legislations. We try to use several charts to provide you with a clear picture of the legislative power, legislative hierarchy and main rules to resolve conflicts between legislations in China.


II. NPC and Its Legislative Power


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III. Sources of Legislation


NPC State Council Ministries Local Government
Constitution Administrative Regulation Department Rule) Local Rule (Provincial
National Law     Local Rule (Municipal)
Local Regulation (Provincial)      
Local Regulation (Municipal)      


IV. Legislative Hierarchy


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V. Rules to Resolve Conflict (1)


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V. Rules to Resolve Conflict (2)

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V. Rules to Resolve Conflict (3)

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