1 The number of microblog accounts does not directly correspond to the number of actual users as there is a reported widespread use of "zombie" accounts (see paragraph 5.1 below).
2 The Chinese government banned Twitter in 2009 when attempts to censor information relating to the July 2009 Urumqi riots were frustrated by Twitter's messaging platform.
This would include Shenzhen where Sina Weibo's main rival Tencent is based.
4 For example, there was a recent rumour that the new North Korean leader Kim Jong-un had been assassinated in Beijing, which went viral on Chinese microblogs.
5 For example, under Article 7 of the Provisions, Beijing Microblogs must stop transmission of "harmful information".
6 This autumn, the 18th National Congress of the Chinese Communist Party will formally select the next general secretary and other key members of China's top political body.
7 At the time this note was being written, there were reports that Sina and Tencent had been punished and ordered to disable their comment functions and that a number of arrests had been made in connection with false rumours of a coup in Beijing that first spread over microblogs on 20 March 2012.
8 This idiom describes how one can defeat oneself by imagining difficulties. Its origin relates to the paralysing fear that overcame Fu Jian, the king of Former Qin, in AD 383 when he mistook the grass and trees for enemy soldiers and his resulting nervousness led to a crushing defeat by his enemies.
For example, (i) under Article 15 the Internet Measures and (ii) under Article 57 of the Telecoms Regulations.
10 In fact, some Beijing Microblogs are asking for the ID card number or the mobile phone number, however it is really the ID card number that is the key piece of identifying information. To obtain a mobile phone number in China you must disclose your ID card number, which is why (given the state controls all the major basic telecoms operators) knowing an individual's mobile phone number will also enable their ID card number to be identified.
11 This can occur under, among other provisions, Article 20 of the Internet Measures.
12 For example, Article 7 requires Beijing Microblogs to ensure, among other things, that user information is not disclosed. In fact, Beijing Microblogs will already be under various obligations to keep personal information secure and prevent disclosure pursuant to a variety of existing legislation including, without limitation, under the Regulating the Internet Information Service Market Order Several Provisions, promulgated by the Ministry of Industry and Technology and effective 15 March 2012. 
13 In the "CSDN leak", Qihoo 360 alerted the police that the personal data of more than six million users of the China Software Developer Network had been hacked. Matters escalated and a general panic ensued when it was subsequently alleged that the hackers had also successfully infiltrated a variety of other websites, including popular online shopping, online gaming and personal finance sites. It subsequently transpired that the hacking was much less widespread than originally feared. However, the case underscored the implications of security failings on the internet.

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