3 Article 398 of the of the Criminal Law of the PRC
4 Article 282, paragraph 1 of the Criminal Law of the PRC
5 http://money.163.com/12/0330/08/7TR5410U00252G50.html In Wu's case, he was charged with both unlawfully obtaining State secrets (Article 282 of the Criminal Law) and deliberately divulging State secrets (Article 398 of the Criminal Law). The Court held that Wu should only be punished for the more serious offence, i.e. unlawfully obtaining State secrets, which has a heavier penalty. The Xicheng District People's Procuratorate did not agree with this ruling and has submitted the case to the First Branch of the Beijing Municipal People's Procuratorate for consideration
7 Article 282 paragraph 2 of the PRC Criminal Law. There are also of course other offences for unlawfully obtaining such material or otherwise deliberately or negligently divulging State secrets. See Article 282 paragraph 1 and Article 398 of the PRC Criminal Law
8 Article 219 of the PRC Criminal Law criminalises inter alia the improper obtaining of trade secrets

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