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China – Dispute Resolution And Governing Law Clauses In Commercial Contracts.

23 December, 2012



Chinese law restricts both the choice of law and the types of dispute resolution mechanism in China-related commercial contracts. As a result, drafting governing law and dispute resolution clauses in these contracts is not straightforward. This guide, designed for clients doing business in China or with Chinese counterparties, explains when the restrictions apply and how to draft so your contracts do not fall foul of them.

The guide has been updated to include recent developments in China arbitration, including:

  • new rules published by China’s leading arbitral institution (CIETAC)
  • arbitration-related amendments to the PRC Civil Procedure law, and
  • a recent internal dispute within CIETAC.

Click here to access a short “taster” version of the guide or contact Briana Young for a hard or soft copy of the full guide


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