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China – Minimum Wage Increase In Some Big Cities.

7 April, 2014


The following big cities have announced their minimum salary for 2014. These cities have an increase of approx. 12% to their minimum salary.


City Minimum salary
  2013 2014 Effective date % of increase
Beijing 1,400 1,560 1 Apr 11.4%
Shanghai 1,620 1,820 1 Apr 12.3%
Shenzhen 1,600 1,808 1 Apr 13%
Tianjin 1,500 1,680 1 Apr 12%


Chinese law requires employers to provide monthly salary in an amount not less than the minimum salary after the deduction of additional salary components, such as overtime payment, statutory subsidies for working under special working conditions (e.g., subsidies for middle or night shifts, high or low temperature, etc.), statutory benefits (i.e., employee’s contributions of social insurance and housing fund), etc. The specific amount of the minimum salary is determined and announced by cities and is adjusted on annual basis by most cities.


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