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China – NDRC Issues Draft energy-Saving Measures For Administration Of Verification And Approval Of Foreign Invested Projects.

31 August, 2012



On August 16, 2012, the NDRC issued a draft version of the Measures for Administration of Verification and Approval of Foreign Invested Projects. The public is allowed to submit comments on the draft until September 15, 2012. According to the draft measures, NDRC will examine and approve encouraged and permitted foreign invested projects with a total investment of USD300 million or more, and restricted foreign invested projects with a total investment of USD50 million or more. Foreign invested projects whose total investment is lower than this will be examined and approved by the local counterparts of the NDRC. As a new requirement, the NDRC requires applicants to provide an energy-saving plan and an energy-saving assessment document or energy-saving registration form when submitting an application. For projects that may have significant public interest, the NDRC will solicit public opinion in an appropriate way when proceeding with the verification. The draft measures also apply to projects invested by foreign investors in Renminbi. 

The full Chinese text of the notice is available here.



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