1 SOEs in practice are traditionally considered as "Units" authorised by administrative departments of the PRC Government at different levels.


2 "Public institutions", are a special type of Chinese institution. They are normally established by the government and rely on government funding to operate in the fields of public services (e.g. education, science, culture or health).
3 The term "units (单位)" in the context of Article 75 is used in its ordinary sense and is potentially much broader than "Units" used in the context of "Organs or Units (机关、单位)". It potentially covers all entities or enterprises.  
4 "A recap on bribery, state secret and trade secret offences in China" released on 27 April 2010 can be found here; "Beijing securities firm analysts convicted of State secret offences" released on 9 May 2012 can be found here.




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