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China – New Regulations On The Entry And Exit Of Foreigners In China.

27 September, 2013



On September 1, 2013, new Regulations on the Administration of Entry and Exit of Aliens (the “Regulations”) came into force. The prior Rules for the Implementation of the Law of the People’s Republic of China on Control of the Entry and Exit of Aliens were repealed simultaneously. The Regulations cover, among other things, foreigners’ visas, foreigners’ stay and residence, investigation, penalties, and deportation and may signal a more rigorous approach by the Chinese government to foreigners working in China. In particular, the Regulations have stricter stipulations for foreigners wishing to enter the country and set out harsher punishments for illegal entry, stay, or work.

The timelines for processing visas and work and residence permits have also been extended. Most notably, the maximum processing period for obtaining or renewing a residence permit has been extended from five working days to 15 days. This change will potentially require foreigners who are obtaining or renewing their residence permit to remain in China longer during the grant or renewal process, a prospect that has drawn criticism from foreign employees who travel regularly. It remains to be seen whether or not local authorities will follow the new timelines in practice, but for now, employers should expect delays and should try to plan visa and residence renewals as much as possible in advance.




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