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China – TMT Developments.

23 October, 2014



Through 2014, the technology, media and telecommunications (“TMT“) space continues to be a focal point in China.  Technological breakthroughs – such as the scale of cloud computing, particularly related to “Big Data,” and developments in the machine-to-machine communications area – continue to challenge regulators and practitioners in keeping pace.


The recent TMT developments transcend different practice areas and geographies.  This edition of our TMT China Brief contains a number of articles which dive into different regulatory issues covering numerous practice areas – ranging from an update on the liberalization in the Shanghai Free Trade Zone, through privacy concerns in Hong Kong to standard-setting rules for patented technologies in China.


The content of the TMT China Brief is as follows:

  • New rules on VATS for Shanghai FTZ – a cause for optimism?
  • China issues new rules on patents in domestic standards
  • Hong Kong Communications Authority clears HKT/CSL merger subject to conditions
  • Outsourcing, technology procurement and cloud in Asia – the legal and regulatory essentials
  • Privacy complaints up 48% in Hong Kong in 2013
  • SAIC revises rules regarding recognition and protection of well-known trademarks
  • SAFE issues revamped rules on round-tripping investments by Chinese residents
  • Beijing releases catalogue banning or restricting ‘new addition’ projects affecting high-tech field
  • Internet of things – manufacturing companies industry and use of ‘white spectrum’: ghost in the machine?



Today, the TMT sector continues to excite and challenge market players and practitioners with cutting-edge developments in technology, business models and practices.


To read the full brief, please click here.


Hogan Lovells



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