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Asia Pacific – 2012 Conventus Law Asia Pacific Guide to Corporate Governance.

February 2012


Conventus Law Asia Pacific Guide to Corporate Governance.


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What is Governing Governance in Asia?


As Asia’s markets continue to mature, so does the need for good corporate governance. But there is debate as to what extent this should be regulated by formal rules. read more 



Country Chapters:




Government Business Enterprises Governance Reforms.



The Federal Government has released an updated version of the Governance Arrangements for Commonwealth Government Business Enterprises that better reflect contemporary developments in corporate governance policy in the oversight of Government Business Enterprises. read more



Hong Kong


Hong Kong Stock Exchange Amends the Corporate Governance Code and Listing Rules.



The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong recently published its Consultation Conclusions on Review of the Corporate Governance Code and associated Listing Rules. The aim is to promote the development of a higher level of corporate governance among listed issuers and bring Hong Kong in line with international best practices.  They will come into force in 3 phases, starting on 1 January 2012.read more





Legal Framework Governing Corporate Governance in India.



The burgeoning economic growth that corporate India witnessed since the 1990s brought to the forefront the need for Indian companies to adopt corporate governance practices and standards, which are consistent with international principles. Industry groups spearheaded the move to bring corporate governance issues to the attention of Indian companies and led to the introduction of legislative reforms prescribing the manner in which Indian companies could implement effective corporate governance mechanisms. read more





Introduction to Amendments to the Korean Commercial Code. 

On March, 2011, the Korean National Assembly passed a long-awaited bill to amend the Corporation Chapter of the Korean Commercial Code (the “KCC”). The amendments are both significant and far-ranging. Among other changes, they introduce new entity forms, expand shareholding options, restrict usurpation of corporate opportunities, and ease restrictions on dividend distributions. The amendments will take effect on April 15, 2012. read more
In 2011, the Corporate Governance Council in Singapore issued a consultation paper on the proposed revisions to the Code of Governance Governance while the Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited announced in September the amendments to its listing rules. This chapter seeks to discuss some of the pertinent changes in the Code and the Rules. read more
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Asian Corporate Governance Association – www.acga-asia.org


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