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Ed Neunuebel



Owens Corning, Asia-Pacific Regional VP for Government Affairs and AP General Counsel, China


Ed Neunuebel is the Asia-Pacific Regional VP for Government Affairs and AP General Counsel for Owens Corning.  Partly raised in Taiwan and living in China and Hong Kong for over twenty years, he has practiced international investment, corporate, and business law since 1976. Ed has, as external and in-house legal counsel, designed and managed Asian law departments, corporate compliance policies and foreign investment/commercial projects for MNCs such as USX, Dow Chemical, and Owens Corning.   His experience encompasses the chemical, mining, steel, shipping, composites and building materials industries in fourteen countries including the Republic of China, People's Republic of China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia.  Ed, a Mandarin speaker, formerly served as Associate Professor of Law at the Graduate School of Law, Soo Chow University in Taipei.



What is your sector?


Composites and Building Materials manufacturing industries


How many employees are in your company?


Approximately 15,000.


What are your company’s main location(s) of lawyers?


We have Law Departments in America,  Mexico, Brazil, Belgium, Russia, Japan, India and China.


What main law firms does your company use?


It changes with the moves of my contacts. 


How often do you outsource legal work?




What was your biggest challenge so far as an in house legal counsel?


Dealing with ever-growing compliance and government agencies issues.


What are the biggest regulatory issues you are facing at the moment?


PRC Customs and SAIC matters.


How often do you revise your external panel?


I don't use a panel.  If I need counsel, I depend on my personal network of attorneys.


What area(s) of law do you practice?


Foreign corporate, commercial and investment.