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Gill Meller



Hong Kong

Gill Meller is the Legal Director & Secretary of MTR Corporation Limited. She heads up a multidisciplinary team based in Hong Kong and the PRC and is responsible for the provision of commercial legal support and advice to all aspects of the Company's operations in Hong Kong and internationally.  She is also responsible for the strategic management of the Company’s insurance programmes, its enterprise risk management and corporate responsibility functions and MTR’s procurement and contracts department, which involves oversight of all of the Company’s procurement and contract administration activities on both the operational railway and all construction projects.


Gill graduated from Oxford University in 1994 and was later admitted to practice as a solicitor in both England and Wales and in Hong Kong.  Before joining MTR she spent six years working for CMS Cameron McKenna in the UK.


What is your sector?


Transport (construction and operation) and property (development, investment and management)


How many employees are in your company?


Around 14,000


What are your company’s main location(s) of lawyers?


Hong Kong and the PRC


How often do you outsource legal work?


We work with our law firm partners on a regular basis when we need additional resource or expertise


What was your biggest challenge so far as an in house legal counsel?


Completing the merger between MTR Corporation Limited and Kowloon-Canton Railway Corporation


What are the biggest regulatory issues you are facing at the moment?


The increasing compliance burden in areas such as data privacy and competition (if the new Ordinance is enacted in Hong Kong)


What area(s) of law do you practice?


As Legal Director I have to practice a bit of everything but I started my career as a corporate lawyer