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Hong Kong – Consultation On Subsidiary Legislation For The New Companies Ordinance.

15 October, 2012


In September 2012, the Hong Kong Government launched the first of two phases of a public consultation on the subsidiary legislation to be made for the implementation of the new Companies Ordinance. The consultation exercise will cover the following seven pieces of the subsidiary legislation:

1. Companies (Summary Financial Reports) Regulation;
2. Companies (Directors’ Report) Regulation;
3. Companies (Specification of Names) Order;
4. Companies (Non-Hong Kong Companies) Regulation;
5. Company Records (Inspection and Provision of Copies) Regulation;
6. Companies (Model Articles) Notice; and
7. Companies (Accounting Standards (Prescribed Body)) Regulation. 
The deadline for responses is November 9, 2012.
For a copy of the consultation document, please follow the link: 



For further information, please contact:
Tony Grundy, Partner, Morrison Foerster
John Moore, Partner,  Morrison Foerster



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