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Hong Kong – Listing Committee Report 2011.

13 May 2012


In March 2012, the Listing Committee published the Listing Committee Report 2011, which highlighted the issues the Listing Committee has dealt with during 2011 and outlined the position or action the Listing Committee, the Listing Division 
and the Exchange have taken.
Below is a list of matters that the Listing Committee currently plans to consider during 2012 and beyond:
Prospectuses and listing process
• Prospectus simplification
• Streamline listing application procedures and review of associated publication requirements
• Review of operation of mixed media offerings and consideration of electronic applications
• Review of settlement process and timing
• Review of content of accountants’ reports

Listing matters


• Review of listings by overseas companies and secondary listings
• Review of listed structured products regime
• Review of Hong Kong depositary receipts
• Review of operation of Chapter 18 (mineral companies)
• Review of listing of investment vehicles
Ongoing obligations and other related matters
• Consultation conclusions on Environmental, Social and Governance Reporting Guide
• Consequential amendments to the Listing Rules from the proposed statutory backing on continuing disclosure obligations
• Review of Connected Transaction Rules
• Development of XBRL taxonomy (facilitating exchange of information through an “eXtensible Business Reporting Language”)
• Update on quarterly reporting
• Update on global corporate governance trends, including board diversity
• Review of delisting procedure
• Review of trading halts
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