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Hong Kong – SFC Licensing And Compliance Hints.

9 February, 2012


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Just do it! The SFC conducts surveys and questionnaires every now and then. Even though most of them are not mandatory, we typically recommend that clients participate anyway as it is important that the SFC has a good impression of the company. Do you need to have your legal department or Deacons analyse each of the questions for you? Probably not. We suggest clients simply answer the questions as best as they can and consistently. If some of the questions are ambiguous, you can inform the SFC how you have interpreted the question. The SFC will seek clarification if it has any questions about your response.

Outsourcing: It is common for licensed companies to outsource part of their business operations to group entities and external service providers. It is important to remember however that the SFC needs to be informed about any outsourcing arrangement. This is covered in the following FAQ.



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