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Hong Kong – Updated Requirements, Checklists And Guides: Revised Requirements And Checklists Relating To IPOs.

13 May 2012



The Exchange has revised various documentation and disclosure requirements 
as follows: 
1. A new disclosure requirement in relation to the sufficiency of working 
capital, as set out in paragraph 2.18 of Checklist I.N (Standard Comments: To be addressed when replying to the first comment letter). The Exchange also advised that where any of the information is material, a summary of it should also be in the “Summary” section. 
2. Chapter 21 investment companies are now required to submit a profit forecast as a15-day document.


3. Copies of tax documentation from PRC tax bureaus are no longer required. Instead, a sponsor’s confirmation will suffice. 
4. The sponsor’s confirmation is now only in relation to material licenses, permits or certificates necessary to conduct the applicant’s operations and that there are no material offenses, violations or breaches of laws or regulations.
5. Submission of the sponsor’s confirmation letter on adoption of standard transfer form is no longer required. 
For the updated checklists, please follow the link:
Revised Checklists Relating to CircularsChecklist for connected transaction:
Checklist for Major Acquisition/Very Substantial Acquisition / Reverse Takeover: 
Checklist for Very Substantial Disposal: 
Revised guide on Pre-vetting Requirements Link:




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