October, 2012
Cheung Chau Beach Clean Up: Saturday, 20 October 2012
Howse Williams Bowers staff, clients, friends and their families took part in a beach clean up on Cheung Chau on Saturday 20th October 2012. Over 400 bags of rubbish were collected from three beaches on the island: Tung Wan Tsai, Pak Tso Wan and Tai Kwai Wan. Beaches strewn with rubbish were transformed into idyllic bays. The before and after photographs below show what a difference the clean up made to Cheung Chau's naturally beautiful environment.
Rubbish collected included a fridge, an interesting selection of canisters and syringes! 
For more information on Ecozine and National Geographic Channel's Hong Kong Clean Up initiative, please Click Here 
For more information on HWB's clean up efforts, please contact: 
Kevin Bowers, Partner





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