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India – CCI Approves Proposed Combination Between Dell International Services India Private Limited And L&T Technology Services Limited.

28 December, 2014



On October 1, 2014, CCI approved the proposed acquisition of certain assets and liabilities of
Dell International Services India Private Limited (‘Dell India’) inter alia and incidental to the
business of providing engineering services by L&T Technology Services Limited (‘L&T India’),
by way of an Asset Purchase Agreement (‘India APA’).The India APA was entered into simultaneously with another transaction which related to the proposed acquisition of certain assets and liabilities of Dell Product and Process Innovation Services Corp. (‘Dell’), also in the business of providing engineering services, by L&T Technology Services LLC), a wholly owned subsidiary of L&T India.


CCI observed that Dell India was primarily engaged in the business of information technology
services and information technology enabled services (‘IT & ITES’), in addition to engineering
services outsourcing which are supplemental to the business of Dell. It also provides designing
and developing of technology enabled business transformation solutions, business consultancy
services, operating, maintaining and administering data centres and telecommunications
networks. L&T India provides solutions and services inter alia in mechanical engineering services,
embedded systems services, product lifecycle management, and engineering analytics. CCI
noted that, while Dell India predominantly provides these services by way of exports to Dell, L&T
India predominantly provides these services to markets outside India. Further, CCI determined
that no vertical relationships existed between the parties to the proposed transaction.


Given the low market share of L&T India and the presence of a number of other competitors,
CCI concluded that the proposed transaction would not result in an AAEC in India and accordingly
approved it.




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