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India – CCI Fines TN Film Exhibitors Association For Cartelization.

4 December, 2013



On November 5, 2013, CCI imposed a penalty on the Tamil Nadu Film Exhibitors Association (‘TNFEA’) for violating Section 3(3)(b) of the Competition Act, 2002 (‘Competition Act’).

Based on the Information Memorandum filed by Reliance Big Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. (‘Reliance’ or ‘Informant’), the Commission investigated the actions of TNFEA with respect to the release of the film, Osthi. According to the Informant, TNFEA issued a dictum to its members not to screen any film that was produced, distributed or whose satellite rights had been granted to Sun TV Networks Ltd. (‘Sun TV’). The dictum was issued on the basis that Sun TV owed money to a few members of TNFEA.

CCI held that the above conduct limited/controlled the production/supply/provision of services in contravention of Section 3(3)(b) read with Section 3(1) of the Competition Act. On the basis of its finding, CCI imposed a fine computed by reference to 10% of the average turnover for the previous three years, totaling INR 41,393.




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