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India – CCI Rejects Charge Of Excessive Pricing Against MIAL And DIAL.

4 December, 2013


On November 6, 2013, CCI rejected charges of excessive pricing against Mumbai International Airport Pvt. Ltd. (‘MIAL’) and Delhi International Airport Pvt. Ltd. (‘DIAL’).

The Informant, Citizen Grievances Redressal Forum, alleged that MIAL and DIAL were abusing their dominant positions by charging excessive prices for the parking facilities at these airports. According to the Informant, the prices for the parking facilities at the Mumbai and Delhi airports have gone up since the two airports were privatized and the prices ought to be brought down to the rates charged at the Kolkata and Chennai airports.

Before making any findings, CCI defined the relevant market as, ‘non-aeronautical services at the airport of Mumbai and Delhi’.

CCI held that although MIAL and DIAL have been granted a monopoly to run the airports at Mumbai and Delhi respectively, the monopoly status was conferred pursuant to a competitive tender process. Further, CCI noted that not only are the consortiums free to set the prices for the parking facility; parking spaces being at a premium, the prices were simply an output of the demand and supply. On this basis, CCI dismissed the complaint against MIAL and DIAL.




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