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Indonesia – ICCC Issues Policy Paper On Enhancing The Economic Relationship With Canada.

5 May, 2015


The Indonesia Canada Chamber of Commerce (ICCC) has released a policy paper examining the economic relationship between Indonesia and Canada and looking at opportunities to expand that relationship in six key economic sectors.


The paper, “Accelerating Indonesia’s Growth: Opportunities to Enhance the Indonesia-Canada Economic Relationship,” notes that the two countries had bilateral trade of USD 3.4bn in 2014, with bilateral trade growing at 15% to 20% per year. Canadian firms have invested more than USD 3.2bn in Indonesia, in communications, energy, mining, environment, financial services, aerospace and defense, education, infrastructure, consumer products, health, power, agri-food and agriculture. And Indonesian firms are increasingly becoming aware of investment opportunities in Canada and making sizable investments in the country.


The ICCC policy paper focuses on six key sectors: Oil and Gas, Infrastructure, Agriculture, Renewable Energy, Non-Bank Financial Services, and Mining.


You can go to the ICCC website for a preview of the policy paper and to request a full version.




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