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Mohd Naseem



Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Ltd Additional Chief Legal Adviser India


M.Naseem, a post graduate in Mercantile law, is an energy law expert of international repute with more than 26 years of practical experience in negotiation, drafting, interpretation, conducting due diligence for oil and gas property throughout the world. At present he is Additional Chief Legal Adviser of Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited, the national oil company of India. He has been part of teams for  high value and complicated contracts negotiations of international oil and gas  property acquisition contracts. He is on the international Advisory panel of experts for Kluwer Law International, Netherlands and contributing author of Oil and Gas Law  & Intelligence Journal of United Kingdom. He is the author of “Energy Law of India and Environmental Law of India; and Co-author of “Oil and Fuel” part of Halsbury’s Laws of India published by LexisNexis Butterworths. A renowned speaker in global  forums and an acknowledged legal expert of international repute, Mr M. Naseem combines practical industry knowledge with academic and other intellectual pursuits.


What is your sector?


Oil and gas


How many employees are in your company?


Thirty two thousand nine hundred and forty approx.


What are your company’s  main locations of lawyers?


All the regional offices and work centres.


What main law firms does your company use?


There is a panel of law firms for different work centres which is revised from time to time.