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We understand that core network service provision, whether terrestrial or satellite, carrier, wholesale or retail, underpins your communications business as a provider.  Whilst we are equipped to handle your key supplier, services and hardware arrangements from a regulatory and contractual perspective, you probably have this covered.  Rather, we recognise the uptake and potential of value-added communications services, whether developed independently or through partnership arrangements with technology providers, and it is upon the value-add that we focus to assist the expansion of your business.  Today consumer and corporate clients require value-added services to conduct their day to day business, namely:


–        data centre services

–        pre-paid capability

–        audio, video and web-conferencing facilities

–        mobile payment solutions

–        online content provision such as music, gaming, graphics, video and other multi media

–        cloud computing solutions

–        green or clean technologies

–        voice over Internet Protocol

–        remote and wireless access and coverage

–        call centre convenience


Basic communications services are no longer a sufficient offering.  This brings together network operators, hardware providers, software developers, financial institutions and entertainment companies in a complex web of agreements in a highly competitive and regulated environment.



The outsourcing of non-core services within your communications business such as call-centres, data-collection and management, debt collection and billing is a preferred method for communications companies.  Our presence in China (with an increasingly skilled work force) and Vietnam with strong links to India and Philippines sees us perfectly placed to advise on your outsourcing needs. 


Pinsent Masons has an experienced specialist outsourcing team, and has been referred to by Legal 500 as an outstanding choice for major outsourcing work.



With general anti competition laws existing in Singapore, China, India and soon to be HK, and established sector specific regimes in telecommunications competition across the region, being informed and across competition issues is a necessary practice in the communication field. Pinsent Masons have a competitions team that have experienced the implementation, enforcement and interpretation of telecommunications competition regimes across Europe, Australia and Asia.



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