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Rajani Associates is a team of highly-skilled lawyers with strong Indian roots and a global perspective. We are professionals who combine a very modern approach to law with a commitment to traditional values.


Capital markets remain an important way of funding expansion. Modern day requirements have led to the introduction of hybrid convertible and exotic security instruments. We help clients identify the most suitable way of raising money and work with them to complete the transaction. Indian companies are not restricted to obtaining finance from domestic banks. They now look offshore to raise funds. GDRs and FCCBs are lucrative instruments and listed Indian companies are permitted to issue both, relatively freely. Our firm has positioned itself as the leading advisor in the Asian market. Rajani’s market-leader status was recognised by Bloomberg Legal League Tables.


It rated us the number 1 firm in Asia (excluding Japan) in the list of DR Issuer Advisors in 2008 and 2011. 


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