• The risk-centric internal audit model of tomorrow
  • steps to a strategically focused internal audit function-Increasing internal auditor's role;
  • Integration of IA function with other compliance processes – ERM, Compliance, Legal
  • expanding IA roles across the broader governance, risk and compliance landscape



Jackie Chew, Regional Director, Group-wide Internal Audit Asia, Prudential Corporation Asia
Sundeep Bhandari, Global Head of Audit, Wholesale Banking, Standard Chartered PLC
Sundeep Bhandari
Points to consider:
  • Validity of risk based audits supplemental but judgement 


  • Importance of audit engagement, stakeholder management


  • Challenge faced in auditors understanding the business


  • Access to information and importance for auditors to have


  • Importance of the tone from the top


  • Regulatory environment and challenges this poses


For further information, please contact:


Sundeep Bhandari, Global Head of Audit – Wholesale Banking, Standard Chartered PLC

[email protected]





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