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Singapore – Consortium To Test Green Building Technologies.

10 September, 2014


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The Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB) has unveiled a ‘first-of-a-kind’ building consortium to guide international and local companies in working to develop and test “green technologies” in construction in tropical climes.


The EDB said the ‘Pre-Project Innovation Consortium’ (PPIC) will be “a platform for international and local companies across Singapore’s building industry ecosystem”, including developers, architects, engineers and building solutions providers.


According to the EDB, the PPIC will help to “accelerate the building innovation cycle and enable Singapore to lead the commercialisation of green building technologies customised for the tropical climate”. The EDB said “this is the first time globally that complementary players in the building industry are working in consortia and ahead of demand, to co-create cutting-edge solutions for buildings of the future”.


Two consortia, Singapore-based DP Architects, New Zealand-based engineering consultancy Beca and Australia-based integrated property developer Lend Lease, are already projected to spend 10 million Singapore dollars (USD 8m) in research for the PPIC over the next three years.


Companies initially participating in the two consortia include 3M, Asahi Glass Company, Bosch, Holcim, Johnson Controls, Philips Lighting and United Technologies’ Building and Industrial Systems.


The EDB said students and faculty from the National University of Singapore at the Departments of Architecture and Building, School of Design and Environment, will also take part in the PPIC by “developing commercially viable green building solutions for the future in their upcoming research partnership with Lend Lease’s consortium”.


DP Architects chief executive officer Francis Lee said: “The PPIC initiative will greatly facilitate access to manufacturers of innovative building material with established R&D facilities in Singapore. This will accelerate the process to bring new solutions to realisation.”


EDB managing director Yeoh Keat Chuan said: “Singapore is well positioned to serve as a ‘living lab’ where companies can develop, trial and commercialise innovative urban solutions in a real-life setting, before scaling up for regional markets. We are pleased that the PPIC initiative has attracted strong participation by key players in the building sector, comprising developers, architectural, engineering and building solutions companies.”


The PPIC was launched on 1 September at the annual International Green Building Conference in Singapore organised by the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) of Singapore


BCA chief executive officer John Keung said: “The PPIC initiative reinforces the importance of doing things right from the start in the construction process. Incorporating the fundamentals of sustainability at the pre-project design and planning stage will lead to cost-effective and high performance green buildings.”


The BCA’s third ‘Green Building Masterplan’ , also launched on 1 September, aims to “to accelerate Singapore’s drive to become a global leader in green buildings with special expertise in the tropics and sub-tropics”.


According to the masterplan, since the launch of the BCA ‘Green Mark’ scheme in 2005, the number of green buildings in Singapore has grown exponentially, from 17 in 2005 to more than 2,100 in 2014. This represents about 62 million square metres of gross floor area (GFA), equivalent to 25% of the total built-up areas in Singapore, the BCA said.


The World Green Building Council said in a report published in 2013: “Green buildings have been shown to save money through reduced energy and water use and lower long-term operations and maintenance costs. Energy savings in green buildings typically exceed any design and construction cost premiums within a reasonable payback period.”




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Green Building Masterplan (16-page / 2.1 MB PDF)


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