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Singapore – New Patent Law Comes Into Effect 11 January 2014 .

2 December, 2013


The Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (IPOS) has announced that the legislative amendments to the Singapore Patents Act and Rules will come into effect on 11 January 2014, ushering in the positive grant regime. Under this regime, patent applications will only be granted if the examination report is positive. In line with the positive grant concept, a review process will be available for applicants whose examination reports have been found to be negative. A new procedure called supplementary examination has been introduced, applicable to those who have chosen to rely on the allowance or grant of a foreign application.

Patent applications (which includes convention applications, Singapore national phase entry for a PCT application, divisional applications) filed on or after 11 January 2014 will be subject to the new law. Patent applications filed before 11 January 2014 will remain under the old self-assessing system. Therefore, an applicant who wishes to take advantage of the less stringent (and perhaps less procedural) self-assessing system, should file the application as soon as poss ible and before 11 January 2014.


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