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Singapore – Participation In C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group.

31 May, 2012



On 23 March 2012, Singapore signed a historic Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group (C40) to participate in the C40 as an observer city.


The C40 is a network of cities committed to implementing meaningful and sustainable climate-related actions locally that will address climate change globally. C40 cities include Berlin, Johannesburg, Los Angeles, London, New York, Seoul and Tokyo. C40 collaborates with organizations such as the World Bank, OECD and the Clinton Climate Initiative on climate change-related initiatives.


Singapore was invited to join the C40 in recognition of its achievements in sustainable development, and as a global city with a proven record in achieving economic growth and environment sustainability.


For instance, faced with the challenge of water scarcity, Singapore has been motivated to constantly innovate and develop new water management and treatment technologies such as water reclamation and desalination. Over the last four decades, Singapore has also built a sizeable and innovative environmental industry and has also established a diversified and sustainable water supply from four different sources – water from local catchment areas, imported water, reclaimed water (NEWater) and desalinated water.


Beyond water, Singapore is also nurturing the environmental industry which includes waste management and pollution control. For instance, the government offers seed funding programs to build up technological competencies and to support a growing ecosystem of companies and researchers undertaking R&D in waste management. Grants are made available to R&D projects on a competitive basis specifically in the areas of energy recovery, materials recovery and special waste treatment with the aim of identifying sustainable and cost-efficient environment solutions that are applicable to Singapore. Grants are also provided to encourage Singapore-registered companies to undertake environmental protection and public health related projects that would contribute to the long-term environmental sustainability of Singapore, such as initiatives that speed up environmentally sustainable applications.


Due to its unique circumstances as a city-state, Singapore will participate as an observer and will not be party to the communiqué issued by the C40 group. Singapore’s involvement in the C40 will allow Singapore to share its experience on sustainable development and at the same time, learn the best practices and engage major cities around the world. This is yet another positive step in line with Singapore’s vision to be a climate change resilient global city that is well-positioned for green growth.



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