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Singapore – Public Consultation On The Do-Not-Call Registry.

3 June, 2013


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On 15 May 2013, the Personal Data Protection Commission (“PDPC”) issued a public consultation to gather feedback on the proposed Do-Not-Call (“DNC”) Registry. The DNC provisions of the Act will come into effect in January 2014. 

Introduction to the DNC Registry 

The Act calls for the setting up of Singapore’s national DNC registry and 
spells out the obligations of organisations relating to the sending of telemarketing messages to Singapore telephone numbers. In particular, organisations are required to: 


(a) Check the DNC Register on the DNC website before sending a 
marketing message; and 

(b) Identify the sender of a message when sending a message. 

The consultation focuses on 

(a) the requirements of registration for the DNC Registry; and 

(b) how organisation sending messages can check the DNC Registry 

Some of the key highlights of the proposal are set out below. 

For individuals 

Method: Individuals can register numbers via an automated voice response system, SMS or on the DNC website; 

Register: Individuals can register with the DNC Registry, on 3 separate DNC Registers for voice calls, text messages and faxes; 

Effective period: Upon registration, subscribers can expect to stop receiving telemarketing calls, texts and faxes after 60 days (if registration was done during the first 6 months after the start of the DNC) or 30 days (if registration was done after the first 6 months from the start of the DNC). 

For organisations 

Free credits: organisations will have 350 free credits to check up to 350 
telephone numbers against the DNC Registry annually; 

Results: results will be shown immediately on the DNC website for 
Small Number Lookups (up to 10 numbers) and within 24 hours for Bulk 
Uploads (of more than 10 numbers); 

Validity: The results are valid for 60 days during the first 5 months of the 
DNC and 30 days after the 6th month of the DNC. 

Costs: Organisations can either pay for screening telephone numbers via prepaid credit or pay-per use. Pre-paid credits range from S$100 for 5,000 credits to S$10,000 for 1,000,000 credits. Pay-per-use rates range from S$0.033 per number for 1-300 valid numbers submitted to S$0.012 for between 250,001-1,000,000 valid numbers submitted. Each valid number checked is equivalent to 1 credit. 

Submission of comments 

The PDPC is asking for feedback on the proposed business operations of the DNC Registry as outlined above. The deadline for submitting views on the Consultation Paper is 5 June 2013 (5pm). 


For further information, please contact:
Jinesh Lalwani, ATMD Bird & Bird


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