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Singapore – Signs MOU with Germnay On Intellectual Property Cooperation.

31 October, 2013


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Singapore and Germany have recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) in Geneva, Switzerland at the 51st World Intellectual Property Organisation General Assembly. The signing of the MOU is a noteworthy landmark in the bilateral relations between Singapore and Germany, which is Singapore’s third largest trading partner in intellectual property, after the United States and Japan.

The MOU establishes a broad framework for both nations to cooperatively foster and develop mutually beneficial intellectual property initiatives, including consultations with industry experts from both nations, comparative studies and specialized programmes to equip key personnel with the necessary skills and best practices to enhance patent grant and dispute resolution processes. It is envisioned that the MOU will enhance bilateral cooperation between Singapore and Germany to facilitate access to markets across both territories, as well as generate greater opportunities for businesses in both countries to safeguard and exploit their intellectual property rights.

In addition, the MOU puts in place a pilot programme for a Patent Prosecution Highway (PPH) between Singapore and Germany. This will be the fifth such programme for the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (IPOS), which has similar PPH programmes in place with the respective intellectual property offices in the United States, Japan, Korea and China.

The PPH essentially establishes an arrangement to speed up patent-related processes between countries on each end of the PPH. Work is shared across both countries, accelerating patent processing and examination by referencing the examination work, effort and results already done at the other IP Office, thereby eliminating the need to re-examine the same patent in Singapore, and vice versa.

The same work-sharing arrangement is also applied to patent prosecution applications and other related patent procedures. Such work sharing arrangements naturally enable businesses in both countries to enjoy substantial cost and time savings as well as higher quality search and examination results in both countries. Apart from the usual applicable local search and examination fees, PPH is free for applicants at IPOS. Applicants can simply request to participate in the PPH program for accelerated examination through simple compliance with the relevant procedural requirements.

The MOU is an integral part of Singapore’s broader and continual strategy to establish a dynamic global network with partners across the globe by putting measures in place to enable intellectual property cooperation and encourage information sharing between partners on an international level.



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