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Singapore – White Collar: Public Prosecutor v Ng Boon Gay [2013] SGDC 132.

13 March, 2014


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In the case of of Public Prosecutor v Ng Boon Gay, Ng, a former Director of the Central Narcotics Bureau, was ultimately acquitted of four corruption charges. He had been accused of obtaining sexual gratification from one Ms. Cecilia Sue, a sales manager of an information technology product vendor, in exchange for showing favour to her company’s interests.

Ng successfully rebutted the presumption that he had guilty knowledge that the sexual gratification was obtained as an inducement, and that there was a corrupt element involved. He submitted that the acts were committed as part of a consensual intimate relationship with no ulterior motive.

The Court held that Ms. Sue, as the key Prosecution witness, had been successfully impeached as her testimony was inconsistent and unconvincing. There were numerous material discrepancies between her testimony on the stand and her previous statements to the Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau.

On the other hand, the Court found Ng to be a credible witness as his testimony was largely consistent, and was substantially corroborated by the objective evidence adduced. Therefore, the Court held that there was neither a corrupt element nor a guilty knowledge on Ng’s part, and dismissed the charges against him.


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