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Singapore – White Collar: Public Prosecutor v Peter Benedict Lim Sin Pang [2013] SGDC 192.

13 March, 2014


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Another case in this chain of public sector corruption scandals arose when Peter Lim, the former Commissioner of the Singapore Civil Defence Force, was charged with receiving sexual favours from one Ms. Pang Chor Mui, who was then the general manager of one of the SCDF’s vendors, in exchange for favouring her company in a tender.

It emerged that the sexual act took place a year before Ms. Pang bid for the tender. Lim thus submitted that there was no corrupt element, and also that the act was performed on Ms. Pang’s initiative without any inducement from Lim.

However, the Court held that Lim had the requisite guilty knowledge as he should have known he was in a conflict of interest position. Further, their respective business positions were enough to impute a corrupt element to the act.


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