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History Of The Firm

SKRINE began as a firm on 1st May 1963 in Kuala Lumpur. The founding partners, Mr John Skrine, Dato’ Peter Mooney, Mr Stanley Peddie, Mr William Donald Bewsher and Mr Chin Yoong Chong, were already well-established lawyers in the country and had previously been practising in the firm of Bannon & Bailey, then one of the oldest firms in the country. SKRINE has, since 1963, grown rapidly in pace with the country’s growth. Today, it is one of the largest law firms in the country with over 100 lawyers specialising in all aspects of law with the exception of criminal law. Former partners include the late Tun Hussein Onn, the country’s third Prime Minister and the late Dato’ Alex Lee, a deputy minister. The firm’s clients range from individuals to some of the largest Malaysian and multinational corporations and financial institutions as well as government bodies. We also have connections with many legal practices worldwide.


The Firm’s Areas Of Practice

The firm is divided into a number of principal divisions with various sub-specialities (or practice groups): Dispute Resolution, Corporate and Conveyancing, Intellectual Property and Probate & Administration. To meet the growing complexities of client’s needs a team approach is taken so that the firm can draw on the expertise of any of its lawyers in their respective specialisation. A partner is vested with overall responsibility of each matter handled by any lawyer of the firm.


The Intellectual Property Division & IT Practice Group

IP Division (Background)


The IP Division advises on all aspects of intellectual property which includes amongst others the following:

 Trade Marks


  •  Preparing and prosecuting trade mark applications in Malaysia and internationally.
  •  Conducting availability searches.
  •  Advice on the registrability and selection of trade marks.
  •  Watch services.
  •  Handling renewals.
  •  Cancel or oppose grant of registrations.
  •  Licensing of trade marks.
  •  Acquisition and assignment of trade marks.
  •  Providing due diligence and audits of trade marks.
  •  Arranging market investigations to detect counterfeits and piracy.
  •  Recording amendments to trademarks including change of name, change of address.

 Patents, Utility Innovations And Designs


  •  Preparing and prosecuting patent, utility innovation and design applications in Malaysia and through associates in other countries.
  •  Patentability and availability searches and advice.
  •  Advice on patentability of inventions.
  •  Renewal of patents, utility innovations and designs.
  •  Invalidation of patents.
  •  Licensing.
  •  Acquisition and assignments of patents.
  •  Due diligence.




  •  Advice on copyright protection and enforcement.
  •  Transfer of copyright.
  •  Licensing of copyright.
  •  Preparing statutory declarations for copyright ownership.
  •  Preparing Copyright Voluntary Notification applications.
  •  Liaising with the Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs on criminal enforcement of copyright.

 Trade Secrets / Confidential Information


  •  Advising and drafting confidentiality agreements.

 Licensing / Technology Transfers


  •  Trade mark, patent, copyright and trade secret licences.
  •  Drafting and advising on licences, franchise, distributorship, agency and contract manufacturing agreements.
  •  Advising and drafting technology transfer agreements.
  •  Liaising with the relevant government and regulatory bodies for registration of franchises
  • and other related matters.


 Intellectual Property Litigation


  •  Advising generally on all aspects of Intellectual Property litigation.
  •  Application for Trade Description Orders.
  •  Litigation involving infringement of trade marks, copyright, patents and design including injunctions, Anton Piller Orders, Mareva Injunctions and other interim relief.
  •  Criminal enforcement of trademarks and copyright.
  •  Passing off actions.
  •  Licensing and franchising disputes.
  •  Domain name disputes.

The IP Division also advises on the overall protection and management of intellectual property rights. In this regard, the lawyers act as IP consultants for their clients. The lawyers are all qualified Advocates & Solicitors as well as Registered Trade Mark Agents who have rights of audience before various Registries of Intellectual Property, Registry of Courts and Courts in West Malaysia.


SKRINE, via its own lawyers in the IP Division, acted as counsel for the Firm (who were the complainants) in the landmark “” domain name dispute where the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) panel of arbitrators decided in favour of the complainants and the domain name “” was rightfully transferred back to Skrine.


The IP Division has a wide range of clients in all areas of commercial and industrial activity which includes amongst others – major oil and gas companies, pharmaceutical companies, international steel companies, computer software companies, multimedia & telecommunications companies, ecommerce companies (“dot-coms”), major luxury goods companies, major international and domestic banks, multinational electric and electronic companies, major tobacco companies, international airlines, manufacturers of industrial and consumer products, insurance companies, major chemical companies, etc.


Notable Practitioners 


IT Practice Group (Background)

A team of lawyers specializing in this area of law provides a variety of legal services which includes amongst others:


Charmayne Ong

Khoo Guan Huat

Leela Baskaran

Teh Hong Koon

Jillian Chia Yan Ping
Lee Tatt Boon

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