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15 January, 2014


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Events As Of End Of June 2013


1 January: Minimum Daily Wages Increased for 2013

The national minimum daily wage has been increased to of THB300 (approximately US$10).


27 February:  Social Security Contributions – Reductions Confirmed

On 27 February the relevant notification was issued and then announced in the Government Gazette on March 1, 2013. The notification is retroactive to 1 January 2013 and due to expire 31 December 2013.


2013: Looking Forward


2013/2014: The Cabinet Approved To Reduce Personal Income Tax In 2013 Tax (Calendar) Year On 18th December 2012

The Cabinet has resolved that personal income tax rates are to be reduced, effective this tax (calendar) year. Effecting this change requires a Royal Decree, which has not yet been issued, though it is expected to be issued, shortly. The Act to Amend the Revenue Code will have to be passed by Parliament within March 2014 so that the new rates can take effect for the 2013 tax return to be filed in 2014.


2014: Protection Of Migrant Workers In Thailand And Thai Workers Working Overseas

Following a number of stories in the media about abuse of migrant workers in Thailand, and abuse of Thai workers sent overseas, the Department of Labour Protection and Welfare and the Department of Employment – both organs of the Ministry of Labour – have met to discuss policies to address the problem of human trafficking into Thailand, and the need for greater protections for Thai persons recruited to work overseas. Though it is still early days, this has the potential to result in greater controls on the employment of migrant workers and/or greater protections for migrant workers. It also has the potential to result in changes for employment agencies which recruit Thai personnel to work overseas


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