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10 December, 2012


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Vietnam Competition Authority And Japan Fair Trade Commission Sign Cooperation Agreement


In September 2013, the Vietnam Competition Authority (“VCA”) signed a Cooperation Agreement with the Japan Fair Trade Commission (“JFTC”). The Cooperation Agreement is the latest in a series of cooperation activities between the two agencies in respect of training, study tours and experience sharing. Key points in the Cooperation Agreement include the promotion and sharing of information on competition law and policy enforcement between the two agencies, and the strengthening of technical assistance activities between the two agencies.


Building A Database On The Competitive Environment Of Key Economic Sectors


On 3 October 2013, the VCA announced that it was in the process of compiling information on ten key economic sectors for a database to be used in evaluating the competitive environment in those sectors. This was pursuant to the Vietnamese government’s economic development strategy of creating a competitive environment in such key sectors. Some of the information compiled related to market size, barriers of entry and exit, market structure competitive situation and activity as well as the identification of anti-competitive behaviour that appeared or was likely to appear in each sector.


The ten key economic sectors were categorized either under the manufacturing (motor trucks, detergents, paper, vegetable oil and construction glass) or services sector (pharmaceutical distribution, shipping, life insurance, advertising and pay TV).

The database is actually a continuation of a publication by Vietnam’s Ministry of Industry and Commerce Administration titled ‘Assessment Report in 10 Sectors Of The Economy’, that was first announced at a conference on 12 December 2012. An updated report is expected to follow later this year.


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