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Ho & Hall’s Hong Kong Contract Law – 3rd Edition by Stephen Hall


Hong Kong has been institutionally separated from the United Kingdom for less than two decades. As recently as 25 years ago, it would have been difficult to perceive any appreciable emergence of a distinctly local Hong Kong common law. There were, however, some relatively early signs that the Crown Colony’s common law was adapting to Hong Kong conditions to better serve the local community. Professor Betty M Ho skilfully identified many of these earlier developments.


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Butterworths Hong Kong Company Law Handbook – 15th Edition


Butterworths Hong Kong Company Law Handbook (15th Edition) provides another authoritative guide to Company Law and practice in Hong Kong. This handbook makes available in a convenient form the full text of the Companies Ordinance (Cap 32) together with section-by-section annotations. The annotations include amendment notes, carefully researched case authorities, expert commentary and other authoritative material presented in a concise and succinct style. In addition, cross-references are made to subsidiary legislation and to tables and forms where necessary. It is a testament to how far company law has progressed from the core principles of English equity and the United Kingdom Companies Act 1862.


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Butterworths Securities Handbook – 4th Edition


Hong Kong Securities Handbook (Fourth Edition) is a detailed work of reference containing up to date materials on the Securities and Futures Ordinance (Cap 571), the landmark statute that consolidated and reformed pre-existing legislation regulating securities, futures and leveraged foreign exchange contracts, intermediaries and markets in Hong Kong. This Handbook reproduces the text of the Ordinance as currently in force with details of the legislative history and forthcoming reforms. Each section of the Ordinance is augmented by detailed annotations and expert commentaries authored by Bernard Mak (barrister-at-law) and Antonio M Da Roza (barrister-at-law, Research Assistant Professor, University of Hong Kong).


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Intellectual Property for Business


An understanding of both IP law and modern business strategy is key to maximising the IP of any business. In Intellectual Property for Business, the vital principles of IP law are explained clearly and comprehensively so that the reader has a thorough reference of the law and appreciates the intersections between legal and business matters. This book aims to make IP law accessible to all levels of readership and the text is kept fresh and interactive with reader-friendly commentary, modern illustrations and numerous exercises to demonstrate the practicality of the subject matter.


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