You are an institution, and you are good at what you do. You have the best minds in the business and the most competitive business practices.
You may not have started out this way. You have spent years thinking, reasoning, managing, learning and inventing. No one else has your intellectual capital. It is your confidential information.
Paper – state of the art technology circa 105 AD. You use it to record your confidential information. Safely locked away or restricted from circulation, no one can walk out with your confidential information without you knowing about it.
That was then.
Enter the computer and the internet. Enter the ability to compress the confidential information you once stored on files of paper into a stick the size of your thumb, to access it on the internet with a single click.
Something is wrong. Some of your people start to leave one after the other. No one tells you why. 
Suddenly, a new competitor arises overnight run by the people who have left you. The new competitor is able to edge you out on every business aspect, almost as if it knows your next move… 
But how? When? Who?
We know. 
2:30 pm: Registration and Reception
3.00 pm: “Protecting your confidential information” by Indranee Rajah 
“Technology and confidential information: new wine in old skin?” by Rakesh Kirpalani
3.45 pm: Tea Break
4.00 pm: “Forensic aspects of technology and confidential information” by Denny Husen
4:45 pm: Q&A
5:00 pm: Seminar end
Indranee Rajah, SC
Indranee is the Deputy Managing Director of Drew & Napier’s Dispute Resolution department. She has extensive experience in a variety of commercial litigation cases, including matters involving the use of technology. She has dealt with cases involving Search Orders and the imaging of numerous electronic devices to preserve evidence, the unauthorized copying of confidential information onto online storage sites and review of relevant documents on document review platforms. She has also handled matters involving the verification of the authenticity of electronic documents through forensic analysis. She has consistently been recognized by Asia Pacific Legal 500 for her Dispute Resolution and International Arbitration practice and has been named as a Leading Individual in the field of Dispute Resolution since 2006.
Rakesh Kirpalani
Rakesh graduated from the National University of Singapore (NUS) in 2006. He was a speaker on the team that represented NUS in the Manfred Lachs Space Law Moot Court Competition at the World Finals in Fukuoka, Japan in October 2005 where he appeared before members of the International Court of Justice. He was also the winner of the Law Society Prize for the Best Student in Advocacy in the Postgraduate Practical Law Course in 2006. He has substantial experience in dealing with dispute resolution matters concerning technology and electronic evidence and extensive skills and knowledge in the information technology field. With his legal and technical knowledge, Rakesh manages the interface between legal and technical issues for clients and simplifies these issues for judges and arbitrators alike.
Denny Husen
Denny is a Director in Kroll’s Financial Investigations practice in Singapore. He specializes in computer forensic investigations and electronic discovery consulting services. Denny has worked on a number of cases involving internal fraud, intellectual property (IP) theft, and contractual disputes. He has assisted in law enforcement and government regulatory investigations. In addition, Denny has been involved in a number of complex electronic discovery projects. Prior to joining Kroll, Denny managed KordaMentha Forensic Technology services in Singapore. Denny has extensive experience with a broad range of computer forensic and electronic discovery software. He is an EnCase Certified Examiner and is fluent in Bahasa Indonesia. 
22 February 2012
2:30 pm – 5:00 pm
Drew & Napier LLC 
10 Collyer Quay
11th Floor Ocean Financial Centre
Singapore 049315
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