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William Lee




Shanghai, China


February, 2012
William qualified in Australia and has been based in Shanghai, China for the last 6 years as Head of Legal (APAC Operations) for Infor Global Solutions, an international ERP software vendor. William started with as a tax laywer with one of  Australia’s premier tax firms and then made a switch to in-house to the Australian Stock Exchange where he was senior counsel in charge of IT projects. He developed a passion for IT/IP law during this time and subsequently did a short stint with telecommunication provider AAPT (a Telecom NZ subsidiary). With Infor, William currently manages a team of 4 lawyers as well as 5 contract administrators spanning the Asia Pacific and Japan territories. The team is responsible for all legal affairs in the region.
What is your sector?
Software and associated services (
How many employees are in your company?
8,000+ employees
What are your company’s main location(s) of lawyers?
North America
What main area(s) of law do you practice?
General corporate and commercial, employment, mergers and acquisitions and intellectual property
What was your biggest challenge so far as an in house legal counsel?
Building a good team to accommodate a fast developing/growing company
What main law firms does your company use?
Baker & McKenzie, Rouse, Blank Rome
How often do you outsource legal work?
Mainly in-house except for mergers and acquisitions work as well as trademark/patent filings and the odd difficult employment issue.
How often do you revise your external panel?
No real panel however performance is reviewed on an annual basis.
What do you feel will be the major trends in the Asia Pacific legal sector over the course of 2012?
From a regulatory perspective, Increased IP regulation as well as employment laws. From an external law firm perspective, increased competition with more international firms attempting to enter Asian markets (especially the Chinese market).